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Choose your preferred training method

Select from pre-recorded, web-based training tools, instructor led, web-based training sessions or on-site instructor led training classes.

User-type training segments

Trainings are organized by user type including Supplier, Buyer, Approver, Executive, and Administrative Users.

Training that Accelerates User Adoption

Training can be tailored to focus on your specific needs and requirements.

Post-Training Follow Up

Follow-up coaching calls transition between formal training and ongoing support.

E-Learning Sessions

Our training experts can help you develop the right training program for your company.

On-Going Training Schedules

Recurring webinars beneficial for property-level new hire, refresher trainings, and supplier onboarding.

See the Benefits of BirchStreet Live

Typically trainings last from 30 minutes for Supplier training to 90 minutes for Buyer User training. End users will be able to log in during training or practice after depending on the training content.