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Customers with a global portfolio strive for process standardization, compliance and strategy alignment.

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Business Value Assessment Methodology

Comprehensive tools to digitize your procurement process, increase visibility, and enhance spend control.

Underlying Assumptions

Understand challenges and potential solutions. Leverage benchmarks and stakeholder inputs.

Tailored Approach

Model sources of benefits based on historical findings and feedback. Quantify operational and financial benefits.

Business Value Output

Adjust inputs based on specific business circumstances. Project benefits over a three-year period.

The Bottom Line in Efficiency

Customers notice significant cost savings and productivity gains from digitizing the Food and Beverage procurement processes.


Marketplace Suppliers


Typical cost savings


Faster invoice processing


Purchasing compliance


ROI reached in 3-9 months


Locations contracted across 130 countries

It’s all about our Customers

Driving bottom-line value for thousands of global companies in hospitality, Casino and Gaming, Resorts, Managed foodservice and Private Club industries.

Stephen Harrington

Simply knowing the true cost of goods in invaluable to us and helps us make accurate, insightful business decisions.

Preston Rideout

I have been in the high volume bar business for over 9 years. In that time I have spent countless hours conducting endless inventories. AccuBar is by far the greatest tool I have come across in my career. I manage a sport’s bar, restaurant bar, and countless banquet bars for a golf resort and conference center. As the Beverage Director, I’m responsible for over 1,000 bottles of liquor and wine, a couple hundred cases of beer, and many tobacco products every day. Before AccuBar, it was very time consuming and almost impossible to maintain accurate inventory. Now, it takes a fraction of the amount of time it used to take to conduct inventory. All I do is scan the bar codes and AccuBar does everything else. It keeps track of pars, breakage, transfers, ordering, and even calculates our pour cost. It even generates our balance on a spreadsheet. I can’t say enough about the power of AccuBar. It has revolutionized the process of taking and maintaining inventory. AccuBar is a must for all bars.

Sam Hazen


Working with AccuBar is like having an accountant 24 hr-7 days a week on call. It gives full trust in a very expensive wine inventory and is on call as we wish.

Rocky Lucia

Corporate Director of IT

I’ve been searching for a system to assist our beverage department to reduce the amount of time it requires to take weekly inventory. The search stopped when I found AccuBar. When you have multiple units with multiple locations, you can imagine the amount of time spent manually counting inventory. The AccuBar system has dramatically reduced the time it takes to count inventory at every location. Not only is the system easy to use and extremely affordable, the AccuBar technical team created an interface to our inventory system which eliminates the manual entry of inventory and the mistakes that go with it. So there is time savings on the front and the back which translates to a very quick ROI. I cannot find one fault in the AccuBar system and highly recommend it to anyone looking to save time and money.

Jamie Brewster

Systems Analyst

Recently, New England Culinary Institute upgraded its AccuBar installations at the Main Street Grill in Montpelier, VT and the Butler?s and Tavern establishments at the Inn at Essex in Essex, VT. Being involved with the IT side of the Food and Beverage Industry for several years, I?ve worked with numerous restaurant software applications and the teams that support them. It?s not uncommon to lose the attention of a vendor after the sale is complete. This is certainly not the case with the folks at AccuBar. During the upgrade process the entire team at AccuBar was a pleasure to deal with. The Sales Department understood New England Culinary Institute?s needs and moved us into the proper product. The technical team provided top level support and training with a personal touch. The restaurant managers look forward to working with AccuBar to learn more about the latest features and how they can put them to use. I?m confident that AccuBar will be there to answer our questions and provide the necessary support if needed.

Jaime Correas

Food and Beverage Cost Controller

I would like you to know that I am very grateful for the acquisition of the AccuBar Handhelds and their uses at the Caribe Hilton. The acquisition of these handhelds for inventory purposes has been one of the best purchases we have made in many years. The AccuBar inventory system has been a considerable asset to the hotel and has helped us significantly reduce the costs of beverage. In addition, it has made the month end closing a much simpler and faster process. In fact, as recently as last month, an internal audit was made in the Hotel and the Inventory section of the audit obtained an A+ score, making the Caribe Hilton inventory section one of the bests in the region. In today’s fast paced, deadline oriented work environments, this handhelds are a convenient and very easy to use tool that makes the whole inventory process a simple and quick experience.

Todd Connell

Corporate Beverage Director

I’ve been a fan of AccuBar for years, and I love what it does for Margaritaville. For our restaurants, the advantage of having a product like AccuBar is that it truly takes the guesswork out of our inventory process. If we have a bar manager take inventory one week and an AGM the next week, we get the same results. Another thing I like about AccuBar is that every one of our restaurants uses it in a different fashion. Some use the full system, others just take beverage inventory, and one restaurants counts every single inventory item with AccuBar, including food and other items. As for the time we’ve saved on taking inventory, if it’s not cut in half, it’s more than half. One location shaves six hours off of inventory every week. Now that AccuBar interfaces with our back-of-house systems, it takes two minutes to input and get a nice clean report. The interface team was excellent and really enabled us to hit our goals. The handheld is incredibly easy to use, and updates are always available and easy to install. We’ve had one handheld running consistently since we bought it almost a year ago and it has held up great under heavy use. Your support team has been incredible. They have been able to quickly answer any question or concern that we might have. Overall, I’m very impressed with how your company has been able to offer such a solid combination of functionality, ease of use and support.

Tim Wilson Wilson

Beverage Director

I began using AccuBar in 2002 in my previous position as Corporate Beverage Director for BR Guest Restaurants in New York, NY. As soon as my colleague Greg Harrington and I saw a demonstration of AccuBar, we decided we had to have this device. We were thrilled with its performance from day one — the overall time it took our beverage managers to count inventory and enter data was reduced by 80%. In June 2006, I started my new position as Beverage Director for Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. One of the first systems we have implemented since I started is the AccuBar system with the new Pocket PC MC-50 [handheld], which is an even better system than I had been using previously. The omni-directional barcode reader makes scanning bottles even easier, the color screen is brighter and easier to read, and the extended search look-up function makes finding items in the database much faster. The team at AccuBar has made a great system even better. And, in addition to developing an excellent product, AccuBar has always provided superlative tech support.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

The implementation of BirchStreet in our properties around the globe has created improvements in our control procedures, supplier management, spend analytics, shared services activities and, not to be underestimated in terms of its impact, a heightened awareness amongst all users of the impact of their procurement activities.

Kevin Irvin

Director of Purchasing

I like the reporting for both accounting as well as purchasing. The Daily Receiving Report allows us to view the daily food costs, beverage cost and manage orders more efficiently. The bottom line is that we are more efficient with our internal controls because of the BirchStreet system.

Jennifer Caretti

Purchasing Manager

We have been able to standardize many products enabling us to capitalize on GPO contracts and recognize greatest savings. Order guides allow us to capture even rarely-ordered and non-stocked products, ensuring consistency and quick-ordering.

Matt O’Maley

Regional Director of Purchasing, USA

It’s so easy to just look at the Project screen. I don’t have to keep multiple budgets in multiple spreadsheets anymore. The entire project is automated and in one central place. The amount of time saved is mind boggling.

Jeff Zimmerman

Director of Culinary Development

We have more visibility and accountability with increased financial progress by using BirchStreet. BirchStreet Recipe Management System has automated the way we do business, saving us time, reducing expenses and enhancing the quality and consistency of our culinary program.

Danette Perrotta

Director of Finance

Using BirchStreet and AccuBar, the Balboa Bay Club processes have gained efficiencies that have impacted our bottom line. Now that they are coming together, it will be even easier to take advantage of their benefits. As the market leader, we recommend other hotels and restaurants to take a look.

San Antonio Country Club

With BirchStreet, I have finally found the perfect inventory management solution for the Club. The new acquisition with AccuBar can only make an already great offering better!

Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

BirchStreet’s eProcurement solution not only outshines the competition in features and functionality, but also exceeds alternative solutions in its affordability.

Jim Kuthy

VP-Procurement and Capital Finance

We now have a comprehensive view of all spend from a corporate level and at a property level. We have achieved remarkable transparency and visibility into nearly every item and service purchased at every location.

John Huppman

Senior Manager-Culinary Operators, Global Recipe Database Administration

In addition to easy organization-wide access to nutrition data, the BirchStreet technology links with vendors, so if I’m doing a crab cake dinner, I automatically know the price of crab. It provides a better picture of financial position day to day, so decisions can be made to shore up spending.

Bobbi Carey

Director-Purchasing Systems

With BirchStreet, we now have visibility into buying the right item at the right price from the right supplier. That change gives us an additional savings of about 15% off all the items that are now being purchased on-contract, versus paying street price.

Jane Freiman

Director-Consumer Test Kitchen

We can’t put a cost on the value of having a single repository that houses taxonomy and nutrition, but we know that our current Recipe Management system is highly beneficial.

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